What's New? (+added, -removed, *changed)

Soft Alpha v1.3.11

*Players can now use chat while in a trade

*Game no longer crashes when a chat is sent at the same time someone is logging in

*Changed ranger's arrow release points

*Fixed being able to jump into 1-tile wide columns

*Fixed energy bar sometimes expanding too long

*Projectiles no longer have a ghost hitbox through doors

*Fixed animation problems with certain collisions

*Giant Rat no longer goes through platforms while chasing players

Soft Alpha v1.3.10

+New Giant Rat enemy

+Projectiles now collide with doors

*Floating texts now have a different colour for enemies

*Miner can now change directions

*Fixed inventory duplication bug

*Fixed screen glitching around on certain collisions

*Bank cells are positioned properly upon window resize

-Removed 1.5x scale

Soft Alpha v1.3.9

+New Miner enemy

+Chunk system to stop rendering entities far from the player

+New launcher background

+New inventory, stats, and quests icons

+Right clicking the bank booth will open the Bank of Paagoria

+Server now detects and auto-bans speed hackers

*Sprinting now toggles until you stop moving

*Players can no longer initiate a sprint in mid-air

*Players no longer get shoved around when jumping into a block from underneath

*Fixed multiple texts being rendered when hovering over an item drop and a door simultaneously

*Trades can no longer be requested to players in a duel

Soft Alpha v1.3.8

+New entities (bank booth, stanchion)

*Map Changes

> +Bank booth and stanchions added to the castle

*Fixed exploits to take no damage from peasants and skeletons

*Fixed a rare issue where both players would get a win and a loss from a duel

*The game can no longer pause with the chat bar open

*Changed where players/NPCS/mobs stand on tiles

*User accounts create properly again upon first login

*New bank HUD

*XP and levels will now always correctly show to the client

*Fixed multiple issues with moving items around in the inventory

*Fixed item drops saving to a bunch of random inventory slots

*Fixed inventory not adding items correctly

*UDP should no longer randomly drop, causing false logins

*Fixed various game crashes

Soft Alpha v1.3.7

+New Skeleton enemy

+New tile (sewer water)

+New items (raw chicken, feather, bones)

+Some mobs now drop items upon death

*Map Changes

> *Water in the sewer has been replaced with sewer water

*Increased max stack size to 99

*Item drops now say the item name in the pick up message

*You can no longer move items in your inventory when it is hidden

Soft Alpha v1.3.6

+New Peasant enemy

+New sprint animations

+Floating text with damage dealt upon hits in combat

+Launcher and Client now have the Paagoria icon

*Map Changes

> *Replaced platforms with ladders in the castle

> *Fixed the gaping hole on the right side of the world

*Fixed the launcher not working on Mac

*Fixed the rogue's arm being far too skinny without a shirt

*Increased sprinting speed

*Fixed particle collision

*Randomized player damage inflicted by -1, 0, or +1

*Guard now does between 6 to 8 damage

*Chickens now do between 2 to 5 damage

*Doors are now always in the correct state

*Reduced chicken knockback after getting damaged

Soft Alpha v1.3.5

+Launcher now automatically updates when there is a new version

+Launcher now uses HTML5 to properly format changelog

+Launcher register button now opens the register menu automatically

+Launcher now supports using tab

+A bunch of green particles now spawn upon leveling up

*Map Changes

> *Changed some glass from solid to non-solid

> *Added some platforms above ladders

*Particles are now rendered beneath players and mobs

*Particles now fall rather than float around

*Mobs now go for the last attacker rather than the first attacker

*Mobs should no longer have a chance of sticking around after death

*Mobs should no longer have a chance of chasing a ghost

*Dialogue mobs should always spawn now

*Regular mobs should always spawn now

*Players can no longer be stuck in a combat loop while sprinting

*Players no longer freak out when trying to go left and right at the same time while sprinting

*Walk animation no longer occurs when trying to walk into a solid tile or door

*Walk animation no longer continues on force-pause from sticky keys

*"You are already logged in" will no longer randomly occur

*The wrong character should no longer randomly log in

*Fixed health synchronization

*Fixed multiple inventory duplication bugs

*Fixed item-drop crash

-Removed all unused libraries

Soft Alpha v1.3.4


+New tiles (Iron ore, copper ore, polished stonebrick, and more)

*Map Changes

> +Sewer System

> +Mining Area

> *Guard towers now have iron doors

> *Other minor changes around the map

*New characters now start with 150 coins

*Equipping apparel is no longer blocked when wearing a hat

*Right-click item list can no longer be opened while in a trade

*Fixed ranger arm texture flash when clicking behind the player

*Changed the warrior combat animation

*Dropping an item no longer removes an item for everyone

*Inventory items are now drawn below the pause menu

*Trade HUD, duel HUD, and health bars are now shown when paused

*Text for accepted trade is now placed correctly when window is resized

*Lighting optimized

Soft Alpha v1.3.3

+New trade HUD

+Iron doors

*Players can no longer engage in combat while in the pause menu

*Players can no longer engage in combat while trading

*Players can no longer pick up the same item-drop multiple times

*Players can no longer put on an apparel type they are already wearing

*Players can no longer get trapped in doors

*Players who join can now see item-drops that were already on the ground

*Trade HUD now correctly shows items

*Trades now need to be re-accepted whenever a change is made in the trade

*Trade/Duel/Stats HUD no longer shows over the pause menu

*Doors can now be opened if a player ends up inside somehow

*Chicken spawn has been corrected

*Fixed rogue, druid, and warrior weapon hitbox

*The game now pauses if focus is lost

*Right-click item list no longer leaks over the side of the screen making it inaccessible

*Normal mob spawn type location is now randomized

*All doors now open

Soft Alpha v1.3.2

+Water tiles

+Players can now take off and put on clothes

+Apparel tab in the sider

+Blue crown apparel

+New house in the map

+Start of the sewer system

*Items in inventory now show a proper name

*Right-click item list options cleaned up

*Players can no longer fall down platforms when paused or talking to an NPC

*Fixed inefficiencies with the player sprite

*Fixed lighting not hiding tiles properly

-Removed the holiday map theme

Soft Alpha v1.3.1

+New packet protocol

*You can now only be signed in once per account

*Mage now regains 1 energy per second rather than 2

*Fixed login getting stuck bug

*Fixed an issue with the Druid walk animation

*Fixed kick not removing players correctly

*Fixed client having 2 instances

Soft Alpha v1.3

+New Guard enemy

*Changed player base damages from 14 (rogue = 8, mage = 10, druid = 12, ranger = 8, warrior = 8)

*Changed player base attack speeds (rogue sped up, warrior sped up, druid slowed down, ranger slowed down)

*Changed player base HP from 100 (rogue = 108, mage = 94, druid = 116, ranger = 102, warrior = 112)

*Changed player base energy from 100 (rogue = 88, mage = 124, druid = 94, ranger = 102, warrior = 82)

*The Mage can now shoot behind himself

*Mage magic now travels further

*Mage now uses 4 energy instead of 2 when shooting

*Ranger arrows are now faster

*Ranger walks backward slower when shooting forward

*Players no longer walk into nothing from platforms or from ladders

*XP gained from killing chickens changed from 10 to 4

*Recreated the lighting logic

*Fixed door hitboxes

*Dead players can no longer hurt enemies

*When a player dies while in combat, there is no longer a carry-over attack hitbox

*Doors can really no longer be closed on players, trapping them

*Ladders no longer force you to jump when you get off

*Duels can no longer be requested to players in a duel

*Trades can no longer be requested to players in a trade

*Chickens now collide with platforms

*Glass is now solid in necessary places

*Stationary mob placement corrected

*Typed chat message now clears if escape is pressed

*Fake commands no longer say no access

*Chat commands should always work now

*Box character no longer appears when pressing ESC or DEL while typing

*Dead players can no longer use ladders or fall through platforms

*Duel stats now properly update

*Less than symbol (<) now shows up in chat messages

*Fixed a server-crash

-Level up sound removed

Soft Alpha v1.2.1

+New Farmer NPC

+Christmas trees

+Duel stats now show in the 'Player Stats' section and in other players 'View Info'

*Player info now properly updates

*Fixed head dragging in tiles when walking towards them

*Fixed getting stuck in tiles

*The map is now Holiday themed

*More than one person can now be on a ladder

*Fixed duel stats not registering correctly

*Fixed a server-crash

Soft Alpha v1.2

+Player dueling

*Secured and optimized logging in

*Fixed falling through platforms when typing "s" in chat

*Fixed issue that would allow CSS formatting in the chat

*Fixed player-menu crash

*Fixed rare issue where players attacked mobs after death

*Alive players can no longer open the menu of a dead player

*Dead players can no longer open the menu of an alive player

*Dead players no longer have their name or healthbar drawn

*Dead players are no longer shown to alive players who re-log in

*Players no longer recover energy while dead

*Health is always set to the correct value after respawning

*Players who respawn no longer need to jump to get out of the ground

*Players die when HP is 0, not when the next attack will set HP to 0

*Chickens no longer keep attacking dead players

*Bank no longer draws for everyone when someone opens it

*Trade interface/player stats no longer randomly opens

*Particles no longer clump up at times

*Increased mage default attack range

*Mage energy now goes down to 0 rather than 4

*Screen no longer freaks out when jumping into the bottom-corner of a block

*Doors can no longer be closed on players, trapping them

*Projectiles now go through stationary mobs

Soft Alpha v1.1

+Added stationary guards in the castle

*Holding S or down arrow key lets you fall through platforms rather than repetitively pressing

*Changed the idle animations

*Changed platform collision logic

*Made chickens spawn slightly faster

*Fixed menu buttons not getting shifted upon resize

*Fixed the "respawn" interface showing for everyone when someone dies

*Fixed collision bug that allowed players to clip into blocks

*Fixed ladders not letting you climb them most of the time

*Fixed arrows not working right when shot at different angles

*Fixed health not getting set to 100 after respawning

*Fixed chicken collision with doors

*Fixed mobs not colliding with certain tiles

*Fixed mage and ranger moon-walking

*Fixed trade server-crash

Soft Alpha v1.0

+Soft Alpha release